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If you would like to contribute code to our Addons you can do so via GitHub.

Warcraft Addons

Guild Launch Has Developed a series of World of Warcraft Addons.

Raid Tracking

  • Guild Launch Raid Tracker
    • Download Page: Guild Launch Modded CT_RaidTracker
    • Tracks Boss Kills and Item Drops
    • Allows you to import raids on the Import page of Rapid Raid
    • Works with DKPmon to Load the Raid Data to your Site

In-Game DKP Tracking


  • DKPmon & Bidder
    • Download Page: DKPMon (GL Mod)
    • Advanced In-Game DKP Mod
    • Provides Bidding tools for Raid Members
    • Supports Many DKP Types
      • Flat DKP
      • EPGP
      • Boss Auction
        • Silent
        • Open
      • Fixed Cost Zero Sum
    • Works with the Raid Tracker to record data for importing into the site
    • Developed with a modular approach which allows users to create new modules for new DKP types


  • DKP Snapshot Mod
    • Download Page: In-Game DKP Mod
    • Imports a snapshot of the site's DKP from your site
    • Allows members to whisper the person running the mod to get their current DKP in-game.
    • No alt-tabbing out of WoW.

Character Profiling

  • Guild Launch Profiler
    • Download Page: Guild Launch Profiler
    • Profiles Character Data
    • Profiles Guild Members and Guild Bank
    • Used to profile a character, their gear, their reputation and once uploaded allows guild members to search for members who can craft certain items.
    • This Mod Also Has the GL APU (Guild Launch Automated Profile Uploader) which can be downloaded on the Google Code site.
    • This mod is planned to be merged into imports from the Armory due to API updates.

Warhammer Mods

We have also developed a Guild Profiler for Warhammer:

  • Guild Launch Warhammer Profiler
    • This mod and the import is currently in Beta status, we appreciate any feedback you can provide.
    • This profiler is used to profile Guild members and to import roster information.
    • In the future we will be adding Character Profile information
  • Warhammer Character Profiler
    • This mod is in ALPHA testing and does not currently have an upload component on the site.
    • If you are interested in testing this mod, please go to the mod's page above and read the details.

Follow their link above to more information on each of them.

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